Membership comes in three levels - affordable and adaptable to the learning experience that's right for you

the three membership tiers

Tier 1

£5 per month - a little taster of all that we provide here. Free meditation recordings, meditation sessions that you can join from the comfort of your home, and printables to lead you in deeper understanding.

Tier 2

£30 per month, this level opens up a whole new experience. Regular workshops, meditations and rituals are included with huge discount on one off courses and workshops

Tier 3

£90 per month, this level includes all of the previous levels wonderful offerings, no discount here, just access! - plus a monthly one to one Spiritual coaching session with me for that truly personal Spiritual guidance



Three tiers - three experiences

Choose an experience that's right for you. Flexible access to events with different levels of monthly subscription and discounts on one off workshops and courses

Tier One!

Tier 1 provides you with your first steps into The School of Sacred Flames, with meditation recordings and zoom meditation sessions for you to begin to embrace your spirituality in the comfort of your own home, 20% discount off our in person courses and workshops, and of course access to our Facebook group - come and join the community!

Tier 2 - a more indulgent experience

A monthly amount that gives you more for your money, plus a large discount on those one off workshops and courses.

Tier 2 provides you with a more expansive look at the experiences we have to offer here at The School of Sacred Flames. This includes everything from our tier 1 package, but with an increased 75% discount on all of our courses and workshops, as well as access to a variety of further ways to embed spirituality into your life. Our monthly seasonal workshop, monthly spiritual coaching group, and seasonal rituals and meditations are all included here!

This also comes with our full and new moon rituals, alongside Monday morning manifesting, to increase your monthly dose of getting in touch with yourself, as well as nature all around you.

Tier 3 - the really personal touch

Spiritual Coaching - one on one!

Tier 3 is the most indulgent and extensive membership that we provide, it grants you access to everything that we here at The School of Sacred Flames have to offer, which includes all of the aforementioned seasonal and spiritual events, workshops and courses, not to mention our rituals, meditations and manifestions.

Beyond this you will be provided with one to one monthly spiritual coaching sessions with Mima where she will endeavor to ensure that you are being guided through your spiritual journey with care, using her own proven methods to discover how we are able to tailor make your experience with us specifically to your wants and needs.

This course is to remind you of the magic all around you, so you can approach EVERYTHING in a way that is appropriate. Lean into the magic of the Universe, learn about your inherent power and your part in the web of life, the whole picture. Then, and only then, will you remember and truly access the Divinity of ALL...and then, and truly then, you will heal.

- St Germaine


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